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The Flowmon Basic Range of spring actuated analogue calibrated, flow indicators using the swinging vane, variable orifice principle. This range comes in sizes of up to 200mm with choices of flanged or screwed as appropriate. The Flowmon range is offered in most of the standard materials depending on the fluid properties, etc.
The Wafer variant range comes in 80mm - 300mm sizing and is light-weight, with good handling and capital cost. Displays and Controls: The primary display is the scale and pointer analogue reading, covering the customers specified range of flow from zero.The series offers single or dual, operator-adjustable, micro switches or a 4-20mA encoded output from a 2 wire closed loop circuit. Alternatively the Digital values can be displayed on an integral or remote mounted instrument. The centre of the unit has: the Rising Ball flow indicator giving flow indication by displacement for horizontal mounting only. The alternative Spinner unit inertia-flow display: This unit can be mounted in any position. Both units come in bronze and stainless steel and come in a quarter to 1.5 inch sizing.


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Bespoke Products

We are able to acquire bespoke Flow Monitors. These include but not limited to special end to ends, different inlet - outlet fittings, body materials, switching requirement, and location.

If you have a very old flow meter (monitor/indicator) that is no longer manufactured but needs replacing, it will be worth asking us what we can offer. There are not too many companies willing to manufacture a bespoke flow monitor.


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